Defending Drug Trafficking in Nevada

Despite the fact that drug trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes that a person can commit in Nevada, with the help of a Las Vegas Drug Trafficking Lawyer, the penalty can be reduced or the case can even be discharged.

Drug Trafficking

According to the law, ‘trafficking in controlled substances’ would be charged to a person if he knowingly sells, manufactures, delivers or brings drugs into the state or if he is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of large quantities of schedule I or schedule II drugs.

 Schedule I Drugs

This type of drugs include Heroin, LSD, GHB, Peyote, Ecstacy, PCP, Marijuana, Opiates, Opiate derivatives, Hallucinogenic substances, and Cannabimimetic agents. People who are caught trafficking schedule I drugs will face heavy punishments because of three reasons:

1. They have a higher potential for abuse and addiction;

2. They are not accepted for any medical use;

3. They lack accepted safety for use under medical supervision.

Schedule II Drugs

The kind of drugs concerned with this type are Cocaine, Methadone, OxyContin, Ritalin, Meth, Adderall, Dexedrin, and Demerol. This type of drugs is considered as the second most threatening type of drugs because of the following reasons:

  1. They have a high tendency for abuse;

  2. They currently are accepted for medical use in treatment in the U.S.but with severe restrictions;

  3. The intense usage of Schedule II drugs may lead to severe psychological or physical complications.


The years of imprisonment for people who are guilty of trafficking schedule I drugs range from 1 year to life imprisonment with fines ranging from $20,000 to $500,000 depending on the quantity of the drug. Usually, the prison sentence for schedule I cases are non probational. On the other hand, the years of imprisonment for schedule II drugs range from 1 year to lifetime imprisonment with fines ranging from $50,000 to $250,000.

The Defenses

Although it is hard not to be imprisoned for drug trafficking cases, the drug trafficking lawyer Ross Goodman could defend you in court to reduce the punishment for your case or even dismiss it. Apart from the legal defenses and strategies available, this is possible considering the nature, significance, usefulness, trustworthiness as well as the promptness of the defendant’s legal assistance from a reputable lawyer.