DUI License Suspension in Las Vegas - DUI Attorney Ross Goodman

DUI cases in Las Vegas sometimes result in a person losing their driver’s license.  The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is wholly responsible for revoking, suspending and reinstating these licenses. In unfavorable circumstances, a suspended or revoked driver’s license may result in a difficult situation especially for individuals who depend on their driver’s license for their living.  Yet a license suspension may be averted in these cases.  Here are some things to remember that would help prevent suspension of a license.


Request for an administrative hearingIf a person gets arrested for DUI as a first offense in the state of Nevada, they are given 7 days to request for an administrative hearing.  This hearing is set up in order to prevent a suspension or revocation.  Each time that a person gets arrested for DUI; there would be an equivalent penalty for the number of offences made.  When this happens, finding the services of a proficient Las Vegas DUI Attorney would be most helpful in the case.


Being aware of the DUI penaltiesAn administrative hearing would only apply to a first offense DUI case.  But if this happens on a second DUI or even third DUI offense, there would be a different set of sanctions that would be handed out by the judge.  There are sentences that would be carried out by the courts depending on the number of offenses one has made. Driver’s licenses may be suspended from 1 to 3 years.


Preparing other requirement needed for the case Preparing all the necessary requirements on the DUI cases is also important in preventing a driver’s licenses from getting suspended or revoked. Undergoing and completing DUI classes, taking and presenting examinations such as visions tests are just some of the possible requirements that would need to be accomplished.  It would be the DUI lawyer’s job in contacting the DMV to verify the necessary requirements and paperwork for the case.


Getting arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas would also result in a suspension or revocation of one’s license. It’s very difficult when this happens especially when a person’s needs this for their daily living.   In a first time offense, it’s necessary to get an administrative hearing to prevent suspension. The next step that they need to take is to be aware of the different penalties for the DUI case.  And last, preparing the necessary requirements and tests are needed to prevent this license from being suspended or even revoked.

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