7 Reasons Why Hire a Lawyer

Here`s why criminal lawyers are more suited to get the case dismissed and why you should hire a lawyer:

1. The police and the legal justice system in NV.

We know our officers  and authorities do a lot of work and when it comes to your case, they just want to clear it off as soon and as fast as possible, which often means that they will not be paying as much attention to your case.  After all, it is nothing but more paperwork for them to pay special attention all the time and to everyone.

Your criminal defense lawyer knows how this system works, what kind of information is often disregarded, amplified and exaggerated.  Without a lawyer who has been defending a lot of criminal cases, a tenderfoot – although who may know the law, knows the system. Use this as a strength to enhance your possibility of winning a case.

This applies to any kind of criminal case : DUI/Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence, Assault and Battery, Violent crimes, White collar crimes and the list goes on.

2. The law itself

A little knowledge is dangerous – not knowing the full extent means not being able to interpret the law to your advantage.  Slow driving in a neighbourhood may be something that can be overlooked and taken as an example.  Here if you are driving too slow in a neighbourhood, you may be given a ticket but in most places, it is not a crime to drive too slow unless an accident was caused due to that.  What could have been easily dodged may actually be put on your record if you are not careful.

3. Preparation for court

Prosecutors are notorious for asking uncomfortable questions and questions that can easily change the sway of the case. An experienced lawyer knows how to handle and anticipate the other side of things – making you well prepared and not lose ground.

4. When and What to say in court

Most often, people who try to defend themselves usually find themselves in an open and shut case. Only a very few rare cases actually have gone through success with self-defense.  The most common reason  is that people who defend themselves usually blurt out the wrong things at the wrong time.. and this is a skill that is learned and there are no manuals on how to learn this except by experience.  Also, remember nervousness and speaking publicly takes a lot of getting used to.  The last thing you want to do is appear nervous which can be taken as an indication of guilt!

5. Witnesses, Arraignments and Subpoenas

Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty – this allows the legal defense team to be strategic and use due process of the law in court.  Not knowing how and when to use these, could easily be seen as a weakness by the other side or a loss of good opportunity.

6. The Criminal Record

A police record or a criminal record goes a long long way. These records instantly sever a lot of social and professional, sometimes even family ties. If it is a case you cannot afford to lose, don’t lose it! It`s really that plain simple.

7. Keep your rights

You are legally justified to be silent till you see your defense lawyer.  There are many tricks and ways in how the police and prosecution are able to get information out of you and will use this against you. A lawyer can keep you safe and far from these uncomfortable questions and useless prodding.  The law allows you to do that, but it is usually forgotten by those who choose not to have a lawyer.

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