Sex Crimes



Las Vegas Sex Crimes : Introduction
One of the most serious offenses in Las Vegas are sex crimes. There are the times that a criminal accusation can take days, weeks, or even more to be resolved after the alleged event. Chances are the prosecution can proceed to trial whether or not they have the evidence to support the charges. Most of the incidents occur in a private setting, where there are numbers of false and even exaggerated accusations happen. The information below should give you insight about sexual crimes, definition, types of sexual offenses, and everything that you need to know about this serious offense.
Prostitution is NOT Legal in Nevada
Because of the wild nightlife and wide variety of sex-related workers in Nevada, it earned a reputation of allowing sex tourism. It is a common misconception that the city legalized prostitution. The Nevada statute says prostitution is illegal in any county with a population of over 400,000, prostitution is legal only at rural areas in Nevada where they allow licensed brothels. Crimes that are prostitution-related are prosecuted and punishable by law severely in Las Vegas, such as:
List of Sex Crimes
This is a list of several sexual offenses with the appropriate punishment. The major sex crimes charge:
False Allegations
False accusations are one of the most common things that may happen on sex crime charges, especially when the allegation happened between 2 consensual sexual relationships. One of the examples is when a pregnant teen claimed that someone sexually assaulted her instead of confessing about her deed. There are times that the alleged victim would make false allegation due to the pressure of the police or out of fear. If you think that you are wrongly accused with sex crime, it is really important to get legal counsel right away and fight that charges as soon as possible.
Registration of Sex Offenders: Active, Inactive and Non-compliant Status
Active Status This law means that you are compliant with the law regarding registering as a sex offender. The laws require you to register with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and the FBI. Inactive Status There are situations involved to classify you as with this status which also means you are not a threat to the community. Situations such as: - Deportation by INS, hospitalization for an indefinite time period, was a visitor to the state of Nevada without establishing residency, - Moved out of Nevada, incarcerated either in Nevada or another state, and failure to register initially as a sex offender and non-compliant Status Non-compliant Status Failure to do the following classifies them as non-compliant: - Initial registration failure, annual verification compliance failure, and Personal information updates failure.
Tier System: Tier 1 and Tier 2
The tier system for sex offenders helps identify how dangerous they are to their surrounding community. The following shows information about the sex offender tier system: Tier 1: Low Risk This tier means that the sex offender has a possibility of committing the same sexual offense and classified as a threat to the public safety. The law enforcers are notified and provided with criminal history. The community is alarmed but not provided with the same information with the prosecutors, police, and the court. Tier 2: Moderate Risk This tier means that the sex offender poses higher risk or threat to the community and the law enforcers and the community are both notified. Law enforcers and court officials have access to their information including the schools, religious organizations, and youth groups.
Tier 2 and Nevada Sexual Offender Registry
Tier 3: High-Risk This category is the most dangerous sex offender and is a considerable threat to the safety of the community. The law enforcement agencies, organizations in the community, prosecutors, and the courts will be notified about these sex offenders’ information. Nevada Sex Offender Registry The following can also be obtained from Nevada’s web site for sexual offenders:
  • Name and alias(es) of the offender;
  • Tier level;
  • Age;
  • Recent photograph and physical description;
  • Address;
  • Date and location of each sexual offenses;
  • Description of the conviction; and
  • City or Town where the conviction occurred.
It is important to consult a sex crime attorney about sex offender registration. Charges also depend on the category of the restriction and it is better to have legal help to be placed in a less restrictive tier.
Las Vegas Sex Crime Lawyer
Getting legal counsel as soon as you are charged with a sex crime is important since an attorney can help you prepare before the criminal charges are filed. Our experienced sex crime lawyer can help you with your case and defend you against the accusations.